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An extract from previous assignments around the design and facilitation of events:

  • International Innovation Workshop:
    Idea managers from a group’s European organizations interlink intensively in order to work together on the next project stages and goals.
    Scope of the assignment: concept and facilitation in English
    Number of participants: approx. 70 people
    Client: GEA
  • Team coaching for an executive team:
    Three heads of department of one domain are involved in a conflict that has been smoldering for quite some time and work on concrete measures to facilitate a constructive collaboration, an improvement of their internal communication, and the communization of their goals.
    Scope of the assignment: specification of assignment, concept, and coaching
    Number of participants: team coaching with 3 participants
    Client: Roche
  • Vision and mission statement convention:
    Pharmacists from all over Germany meet for a final convention after having participated in a large-scale vision and mission statement development process. On the basis of ideas and concepts developed by the member’s associations beforehand, a tangible version of their new guiding principles is being created in a highly interactive and participative process.
    Scope of the assignment: concept and facilitation (in collaboration with placebo)
    Number of participants: approx. 90 people
    Client: Bundesverband der deutschen Apothekerverbände e.V. (Federal Association of German Pharmacists)
  • Executives workshop for the analysis of an employee survey:
    The results of an employee survey are analyzed by all executives. On this basis, fields of action as well as concrete tasks are defined.
    Scope of the assignment: concept and facilitation
    Number of participants: 25 people
    Client: Erdgas Münster
  • International community workshop concerning the kick-off of a big internet project:
    Four-day workshop program for an international web community for the development and the definition of the project goals, the different project stages, as well as the project team.
    Scope of the assignment: concept, keynote, and facilitation in English
    Number of participants: approx. 30 people
    Client: Bayer MaterialScience
  • Future Workshop for retailers:
    Bike dealers from all over Germany work on common future strategies for their sector.
    Scope of the assignment: co-facilitation in a team of 6 facilitators
    Number of participants: approx. 200 people
    Client: ZEG-Zweirad-Einkaufsgenossenschaft (Bicycle Buyers Association)
  • Teambuilding workshop in an intercultural context:
    Conflict resolution and clarification of collaboration for a department whose goal is acting uniformly in a cross-location and cross-country environment.
    Scope of the assignment: concept and facilitation in English
    Number of participants: approx. 25 people
    Client: Roche
  • Large group workshop for several municipal entities:
    In the scope of the project „Soziale Stadt“ (“Social Town“), employees of day care centers and elementary schools meet each other. The focus lies on networking activities in order to improve the educational efforts of the neighborhood by analyzing the situation and defining common action fields.
    Scope of the assignment: concept and facilitation
    Number of participants: approx. 80 people
    Client: Stadt Dinslaken / Stadt- und Regionalplanung Dr. Jansen GmbH
  • Foundation event on volunteer work:
    Facilitation of the public foundation event of “Bayer Cares Day“ with speakers and panel discussions on the occasion of the Week of Volunteer Work in Germany.
    Scope of the assignment: Research of the panelists and topics, concept and facilitation
    Number of participants: Discussion with 6 panelists, event with around 200 guests
    Client: Bayer Cares Foundation


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