Stefanie Voss - Moderation


Stefanie Voss has been a facilitator for more than 10 years and chooses consciously to be a facilitation all-rounder. The variety of topics, types, and event formats offers the highest possible degree of flexibility and spontaneity in her work.

  • Workshops for teams and organizations:
    Whether it is a strategy workshop, teambuilding, or a specialist conference – Stefanie Voss offers dynamic facilitation and a wide range of methods for an interactive and result-oriented event.
  • Large group formats:
    Big groups have their own rules, hence facilitation needs to go hand in hand with the event organization. As an expert for large group formats, Stefanie Voss knows about the special dynamics in the room, since she has already experienced these numerous times.
  • Concept and design:
    Although she can also “just moderate”, she prefers getting involved already during the conception and planning stage of an event. Creative ideas, a pragmatic approach, and a sound foundation of the most diverse experiences are a treasure that her clients can profit from.
  • Languages:
    Stefanie Voss moderates in German and in English, fluently and without accent. On request, she can also communicate with individual participants in French or Spanish – in order to really “get the whole crew on board”.

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