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E-Books, link lists of my favourite books, video-coaching-inspirations and other free downloads can be found here. Most materials are in German, but more English content is on its way.

E-Book ||3 Schlüsselsätze für eine erfolgreiche Karriere|| (in German)


This E-Book is currently only available in German, an English translation will be available soon.

Recommended Books and Audiobooks

Take a look at my bookshelf … over the years I have read a lot of inspiring texts on communication and leadership topics. 

Here you will find my English favourites. If you rather want to read something in German, please check out my German list. Click on the flags on the right in the navigation menu to switch the language. 

Marshall Goldsmith: What got you here won’t get you there – How successful people become even more successful

One of THE best books I’ve ever read on self-leadership. It is especially useful when your career is running super smoothly – because it reminds you to always continue practicing self-reflection. 

Link to the book


Marshall Goldsmith: Triggers: Creating behavior that lasts – Becoming the person you want to be

If you like the book above, this is the next one you should read. It gives detailed and in-depth practical advice on how to change your behavioural patterns for good.

Link to the book


Brené Brown: The gifts of imperfection – Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are

I have read all books by Brené Brown – and this is my favourite one. A book that creates relief and happiness, because it embraces our wonderful imperfections in a uniquely positive way.

Link to the book


Greg McKeown: Essentialism – The disciplined pursuit of less

When listening to this audiobook, I had the feeling this text was written EXACTLY for me. If you are a multi-talented and multi-passionate personality, then you HAVE to read this. You will immediately start to de-clutter your life. 

Link to the book


Sheryl Sandberg: Lean in – women, work and the will to lead

She is THE face of the modern feminist movement, and her LEAN IN movement has spread around the globe. I think her message is simple yet important: Women need to network and cooperate to really once and for all break through the glass ceiling. 

Link to the book


Daniel Pink: A whole new mind

Of the many books by Dan Pink this is my favourite one so far. Neuroscientific findings are being explained and transferred into the business world. A motivational manifest to better embrace the challenges we face in today’s complex world. 

Link to the book


Steven Pressfield: The war of art

A short yet powerful book on the importance of perseverance. No matter if you are an artist, an entrepreneur or just struggling with a difficult problem, here you will find valuable input on how to JUST get it done. 

Link to the book


The Arbinger Institute: Leadership and Self-Deception 

An inspiring book on typical traps we fall into when taking up leadership roles for the first time. An inspiring story which is valuable for business as well as personal life.

Link to the book


Chip & Dan Heath: Switch – How to change things when change is hard

The Heath brothers are excellent writers – and I particularly enjoyed this book, since it gives valuable insight on the various aspects of change. And it gives practical advice on what to do when things don’t go as expected. 

Link to the book


Dan Ariely: The (honest) truth about dishonesty

This book explains our “concept of truth” and why we lie all the time. Full of valuable insight for business, for relationships, for teaching and training – just a gem!

Link to the book


Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability (audiobook)

I have watched many Brené Brwon videos, but this audio series really moved me. It summarises her work in a wonderful and to the point way – really great to listen to! Again and again!

Link to the audio-book


Inspirational TED-Talks

TED talks are a source of inspiration for pretty much every are of life.They serve to educate us, help us change perspective, deliver light and heavy food for thought – and last but not least they bring joy and fun. Most TED talks are delivered in English, yet very often they come with subtitles in a variety of languages.

» The power of vulnerability – Brené Brown
One of THE most popular TED-Talks of all times, because it delivers a very important message in a breathtaking way. Vulnerability is an important part of our lives – and that is a good thing.

» The price of shame – Monica Lewinsky
After the public scandal she disappeared for years. In this talk she explains her side of the whole story – and shares a message we as “the public” should carefully listen to.

» Why good leaders make you feel safe – Simon Sinek
An inspirational talk for all leaders – especially if they want to thrive as a source of stability and reliability in stormy times.

» I don’t know – Peter Bregman
A simple story about a simple question with high impact for our leadership behavior.

» Deep sea diving … in a wheelchair – Sue Austin
If you want to experience what a paradigm change really feels like – this talk is for you. A truly fascinating story – told by a fascinating woman.

» Do schools kill creativity? – Ken Robinson
What is good and bad in our school system? And how do we learn in the first place? This presentation deeply influenced my view on education and why we urgently need to revolutionize our system.

Coaching-Impulse-Video „3 Wörter, die Sie nicht brauchen“ (in German)

Coaching-Impulse-Video „3 Säulen der gelungenen Kommunikation“ (in German)

Coaching-Impulse-Video „3 Fragen zur Steigerung Ihres Selbstbewusstseins“ (in German)

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