Stefanie Voss - Coaching


Coaching clients can expect the following from Stefanie Voss:

  • Simplicity:
    Reducing complexity and getting to the core of things is the main task of a good coach.
  • Clarity:
    Stefanie Voss will use a well-structured approach and guide you through a step by step process. A good framework makes sure that you can truly concentrate on your thoughts and feelings while reflecting your topics.
  • Compact Approach:
    Using well-established results oriented intervention techniques makes the whole coaching process short and crisp. Very often, only one or two coaching sessions are needed to open up new opportunities and define new goals for your personal development.
  • Future Orientation:
    We will always focus on the future and the opportunities that may be there for you. A detailed, in-depth analysis of past situations and “failures” sometimes comes along as a side-effect, but it is never the goal of the coaching process.

Is Stefanie Voss the right coach for you? Please ask for a brief introductory conversation (without any commitment) to find out for yourself. Please get in touch!


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